Laura Mucha

Fiction Development, Non-fiction, Poetry
Laura Mucha

Laura Mucha is an award-winning poet and author. Her writing has won multiple international awards and been featured on TV, radio and public transport, as well as in hospitals, hospices, prisons, books, magazines and newspapers around the world, including virtually every newspaper in the UK.

Her books have been described as ‘stunningly original’ by BookTrust, ‘fantastic’ by the Daily Mail and ‘a must for every school library and classroom’ by The School Librarian. They include Rita’s Rabbit, Dear Ugly Sisters, Being Me, Welcome to Our Table, Celebrate!, We Need to Talk About Love / Love Factually and Please Find Attached.

Laura is currently working on several books for children (due to be published by Walker and Hachette). When not writing, Laura works with organisations such as the National Literacy Trust, Royal Society of Medicine and UNICEF to try to improve the lives of children.

Laura's approach to creative writing is highly interactive and collaborative. As an ex-lawyer, she loves a PowerPoint, as well as introducing and studying sample texts to help students explore industry trends, as well as what they do and don't like. She often works with groups to co-write and co-edit as she believes that editing, one of the most important skills in writing, can also be the most nebulous.

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