How's My Driving? How's My Driving? How's My Driving?

How's My Driving?

An honest assessment of your work-in-progress, with advice on what's working well and points to address as you continue writing.



About this report

If you've started a new project and you're not sure if you're headed down the right path, we can help. Send us up to 30,000 words of a work-in-progress, as well as an outline of what you think happens next, and we'll provide a report of 1,000 words on whether we think it has potential. We'll give you feedback on what's working and what's not – looking specifically at the plot, the characters and the structure so far – and hopefully enough enthusiasm to spur you on through the rest of the writing.

Is this the right report for me?

You might be a first-time novelist or an experienced writer, and this might be your very first draft or a rewrite you're attempting after receiving feedback from someone else. Writing a book is a big commitment, and it's common to experience doubts as you head for the halfway mark. If you'd like a steer on whether your idea is working as well as you hope, and advice on where there might be pitfalls in the road ahead, this report will give you the guidance and confidence you need to make it to 'The End'.

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  • Up to 30,000 words and an outline



This report is designed for partial manuscripts. If you've got a completed manuscript (even if it's less than 30,000 words in total) and you want feedback on the whole thing, try our Full Report.

Not sure if your manuscript fits this description, or what you should include? Get in touch with your requirements and we'll be able to let you know if this report is the right one.

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What to submit

Your manuscript (up to 30,000 words)

Upload your work so far, ensuring the document has 1.5 or double line spacing and that your pages are numbered. Checking the manuscript for errors first will make life easier for your reader – but at the same time, we know this is a work-in-progress so don't worry if you're not perfectly happy with every single sentence. Your reader will very much be looking at the bigger picture with this one!

An outline of the rest (max. 2,500 words)

This can be a fully-formed breakdown of the rest of your book, or rougher notes. In the second half of the report, the reader will give you feedback on how effective these plans are currently looking, in terms of structure, pace and character development.

Any additional information

A short covering note, telling us about your book and what you're looking for from a report is really helpful – it means we can be confident we're matching you to the right reader.

Thanks very much for this, and a big thank you to the reader as well. Their thoughts were so considered and helpful – it’s given me much to think about and I feel very encouraged to keep going!


How's My Driving?

so considered and helpful – it’s given me much to think about and I feel very encouraged to keep going!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is standard turnaround versus express?

Our standard turnaround will get the report back to you within four weeks of your booking. If you need it sooner than that, you can request an express turnaround (seven working days) for an additional fee of £100, subject to reader availability.

My finished manuscript is 29,000 words in total. Can I submit it for this report?

No. This report is for partial manuscripts and is designed to give feedback at an early stage of the process. For a finished full manuscript of any length, you’ll need a Full Report (there are separate price catagories depending on the length of your manuscript).

I don't know what happens in the rest of my novel. Can I still submit the manuscript for this report?

Yes. If you’re a pantser rather than a plotter, you’re in good company – if it works for Stephen King and Margaret Atwood, seems fine to us! Send us any rough notes you have for the next bit of the book but otherwise, we’ll ask the reader to simply give all their feedback on your prose sample.

Is this report suitable for non-fiction or short stories?

Yes – although it does depend a bit on your specific project and the kind of feedback you’re looking for. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise.

Who are your readers?

Our readers are all experienced assessors, having worked in editorial roles at either a publishing house or literary agency. They have a wide range of background and interests so we’ll always be looking to match your manuscript with someone who’ll be just right for it.