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Edit and Submit Your Novel

Expert industry insight and all the technical tools you'll need to take your manuscript from first to final draft.



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12 weeks
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  • Tuesdays, 19.00–21.00
  • Application Deadline
  • Monday 12 Aug 2024

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Take your draft from finished to finessed

A first draft is a rough block of marble: there's a work of art in there, but to find it you're going to need some specialist tools. Over twelve weeks with an experienced editor and leading literary agent, learn the skills to turn your rough draft into an accomplished novel that captures the reader's attention from the start and satisfies it at the end.

Is this the right course for me?

If you've written a first draft you might know that it can be better but not how. This course will give you the clarity and confidence to tackle an edit - not only for your first novel but for your future work too. Completing a draft is a great start; editing is what makes a professional writer.

By seeing your manuscript from the perspective of the publishing industry you’ll have a unique opportunity to hone it before submitting to agents. For eight sessions, Editorial Director Rose Tomaszewska will lead a discussion on key ideas and strategies from plotting to characterisation to style. You’ll workshop your own writing and stress-test the decisions you’ve made, exploring what works and what could be made stronger in your novel.

You'll then have three sessions with Literary Agent of the Year 2021 Nelle Andrew, who'll provide invaluable tips and tricks to help your manuscript stand out when it comes time to submit, before a last jointly-run session to kickstart your next steps.

As part of the course, you'll also receive one of our full manuscript assessments. This will be an honest, constructive assessment from one of our experienced editorial consultants, explaining what's currently working well and what could be stronger, and is designed to help you and Rose ensure you get the most out of the twelve weeks.

    This course consists of twelve two-hour evening sessions, taking place on Tuesdays, 19.00–21.00. These will be held online via Zoom.

Course Programme

Session 1

Tuesday 24 September 2024, 19.00–21.00

Introduction to Editing...

Session 2

1 October, 19.00–21.00


Session 3

8 October, 19.00–21.00


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Course Programme

Edit and Submit Your Novel

Session 1

Tuesday 24 September, 19.00–21.00

Introduction to Editing

How do we start? Start thinking big and taking confident steps.

Session 2

1 October, 19.00–21.00


What story are you telling? Choose the focus, arc and point of your story; discuss genre, making and breaking tropes and where it fits in the market.

Session 3

8 October, 19.00–21.00


Why does this happen? Work out your actions, consequences, twists and resolutions.

Session 4

15 October, 19.00–21.00


Slow or fast? Tighten your conflict, tension and contrast in pace in both plotting arcs and individual scenes.

Session 5

22 October, 19.00–21.00


Where are we? Dive into your setting, its period, place and presence in the story, thinking about research, description and contrast.

Session 6

29 October, 19.00–21.00


Who are they? Confront your characters, their believability, backgrounds, motivations and relationships.

Session 7

5 November, 19.00–21.00


What’s your voice? Refine your tone and rhythm, polishing sentence structure, imagery and vocabulary.

Session 8

12 November, 19.00–21.00


How to cut word counts, tighten structure and trim with intention and skill.

Session 9

19 Noveber, 19.00–21.00

What is an agent? (with Nelle Andrew)

Learn about the publishing industry and the role of an agent in an author’s career.

Session 10

26 November, 19.00–21.00

Preparing the Pitch (with Nelle Andrew)

How to approach agents and present the strongest query package.

Session 11

3 December, 19.00–21.00

The Publishing Journey (with Nelle Andrew)

Questions to ask when querying and what happens after signing with an agent.

Session 12

10 December, 19.00–21.00

Conclusion (with Nelle Andrew and Rose Tomaszewska)

And your next steps.


Rose Tomaszewska headshot

Rose Tomaszewska

Rose Tomaszewska has worked in publishing for over ten years, helped to set up riverrun, the literary imprint of Quercus, and is...

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Rose Tomaszewska
Nelle Andrew – Edited

Nelle Andrew

Nelle Andrew joined RML in 2020. She previously worked as an agent at Peters Fraser and Dunlop for eleven years, and prior to that at...

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Nelle Andrew

How to apply

Places on this course are limited and keenly contested, so you'll need to apply. When doing so, we'll ask you to provide two documents:

Your manuscript

Either your full manuscript or if you've yet to fully complete your first draft, as much as you have ready.

Covering letter

Reading your application, tutors are looking to get a sense of you as a writer and as a member of the group. As such, we don't have specific requirements from your covering letter, but it's a good opportunity to tell us what you want to get out of the course, what sort of writing experience you've had, what shape your novel is right now, why you've chosen us and why you've decided to do it now.

Submit your application

That's it! We'll aim to respond to all applications within ten days of the application deadline.

"The Edit and Submit Your Novel course was fantastic. It offered pragmatic, applicable and individually-tailored advice alongside a rich editorial process. Course tutors Rose and Sam were brilliant; knowledgeable and generous with their insights."

Natasha Brown

Edit and Submit Your Novel

Both tutors were excellent - Rose is a superhero when it comes to listening and observing, Nelle had such fabulous energy and together I don't think we could have a more clear step-by-step breakdown about how to submit our manuscripts as successfully as possible. The teaching really exceeded my expectations!


Edit and Submit Your Novel

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