We’re delighted to partner with Cúirt to bring a full programme of workshops to the Galway festival for the first time.

Cúirt was founded in 1985 by Galway Arts Centre as a three-day poetry festival, and has since grown to the week-long festival that it is today, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, events for all ages, and community-focused activities. As one of Europe’s oldest book festivals, Cúirt is a leading voice for literature both internationally and across Ireland. We are committed to creating a space where all audiences are empowered through literature, bringing readers and writers together to tell stories, share new perspectives, and to celebrate writing, books, and reading in all its forms.

Our partnership will offer a space for writers to explore new ideas, take creative risks, and experiment with genre and style. Engaging with other writers and receiving feedback and encouragement is a key part of creative development, which is why we’re excited to offer these workshops as a valuable resource for any writer. With access to resources, tools, and tips we hope these workshops will help you to navigate the writing and publishing process more effectively.

Places are limited so early booking is advised.

Sacha White Making Poems from History 24th April 10:00 – 13:00, O’Donoghue Centre FREE Ticketed

Join this workshop with Sacha White to explore the possibilities of combining historical source material with your own writing. Drawing on documents and records, archives and even oral histories, you will experiment with form and voice to create unique poems that simultaneously reach into the past and towards the future.

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Daljit Nagra Innovating the Lyric 24th April 10:00–13:00, Online €45

In this fun and friendly session we’ll explore some ways that poetry can push at the boundaries of the lyric tradition while remaining immediate. Participants will be inspired to attempt new poems in various styles and there will be opportunity for the whole group and breakout group discussion.

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Brenda Shaughnessy Deflections, Deceptions, and Misunderstandings 25th April, 11:00–14:00, O’Donoghue Centre €65

Poets create ways to express what’s too difficult to say in other words. We’ll read poems that make use of inaccuracies, lies, misconceptions, and confusion in order to lay bare what emotional realities those deceptions hide. There will be a short section of in-class generative writing.

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Rafeef Ziadah Poetry and Resistance 27th April, 16:00–18:00, O’Donoghue Centre €65

Join poet Rafeef Ziadah in her spoken word workshop where she delves into the artistry of Palestinian resistance poetry. In this practical workshop, explore storytelling in poems, play with pace and musicality, and boost your stage performance skills. Engage in a dynamic session that brings resistance poetry to life.

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Una Mannion Editing Fiction: Improving Your Draft 25–27th April, 10:00–1:00, O’Donoghue Centre €245

This three day workshop will help writers develop a draft, learn to self-edit and provide valuable feedback. Each day we will look at specific techniques and examples, and do in-class exercises, focusing on the scene as a microcosm of the larger work and as a vehicle to explore narrative techniques. Participants will submit work in advance.

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Lucy Caldwell Having Fun with Form 24th April, 14:00–17:00, O’Donoghue Centre €65

In this high-octane workshop we’ll look at how the short story can play with unusual and virtuosic techniques – such as second person or choral narrators, being told backwards or in the future tense – and a host of other exciting forms, to leave you inspired and ready to experiment.

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Thomas Morris The Short Story: Editing and Revising Your Own Work 27th April,14:00–17:00, O’Donoghue Centre €65

In this workshop we’ll look at how to edit and revise short stories, and think about how to make space to reflect on - and explore - how to take our stories to the next level. With readings and in-class exercises, we’ll reframe and rethink what and how we write.

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Leon Diop and Brianna Fitzsimmons Black & Irish 27th April, 11:00–13:00, O’Donoghue Centre Free Ticketed

Leon and Briana, authors of Black & Irish will lead a workshop in which they look at shaping biographies. They will take the group through how to ask questions that will provide an insight into people's stories, how to actively listen, and how to draw out the narrative into sparkling text.

Supported by The Community Foundation

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Richard Skinner Life-writing Masterclass 26th April, 10–13:00, Online €45

How do we write about a life? From bestsellers by doctors and lawyers to Norwegian experiments in autofiction, the genre of life writing is bigger and broader than ever. Join Richard Skinner to look at the many and diverse ways you can write about your own life or other people's.

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Molly Hennigan Finding your Voice 26th April, 11:00–14:00, O’Donoghue Centre €65

Explore the history of family narratives, national and personal histories, and grapple with your own relationship with writing the self. In this workshop we will interrogate different non-fiction labels, from memoir to biography, life-writing to essays, to find which ones we are more comfortable with and develop writing a personal narrative.

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Joey Connolly Developing as a Writer 24th April, 12:00–13:00, O’Donoghue Centre Free Ticketed

An informal Q&A with Joey Connolly, Director of Faber Academy. Come along with any questions you have about developing as a writer, writing courses or mentoring, approaching agents or finding a publisher.

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