COVID-19 Information and Refunds Policy COVID-19 Information and Refunds Policy COVID-19 Information and Refunds Policy

COVID-19 Information and Refunds Policy

Faber Academy’s primary concern is the wellbeing of our customers, tutors and staff. We’ll be closely monitoring all advice from the government and medical sources, and will be actively responding to updates as they’re made public. This page details our policies with regards to booking and participating in courses during periods affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

While we have extensive safety measures in place, frequently exceeding mandated requirements – full details below – there are nonetheless circumstances which may disrupt our in-person courses.

If you have booked a place on a course which is yet to begin, but no longer wish to participate due to changes to the course programme as a result of Covid, then we will be able to offer a full refund up to one week before the beginning of the course.

If you are participating in a course which has begun, and we are required for any reason to close individual classrooms or all of The Bindery – for example because of a local or national lockdown, or because the executive board of Faber has decided it would be in the best interest of the health and wellbeing of Faber staff and students – then it may become necessary to move a portion of your course online. After over two years of experience, we have the technology, systems and experience in place to provide a rich online replication of our in-person courses, and we believe that we can offer a very strong replacement for physical teaching. Live sessions will take place on Zoom, and you will also have access to an online classroom within our specially designed Learning Management System for the sharing of work and resources, and to facilitate conversations with your fellow students while you are unable to meet in person.

Despite this, though, we recognise that the online experience – although in some areas and for some students it can offer distinct advantages over physical courses – will never be identical with in-person teaching. For this reason, we will apply a 20% discount of the fees for each individual session affected, in acknowledgement that we’re providing a different service than that originally advertised. This discount will be calculated and applied at the end of your course – this may be given in the form of a refund, or deducted from your final instalment payment.

Safety Measures

Cleaners will be working in the building during the day, cleaning door handles and surfaces. Hand sanitisers have been fitted throughout the offices: as you enter the building, once you pass through reception, by all lifts and in all toilets.

We continue to encourage the regular use of lateral flow tests. Students who feel unwell should not attend sessions in person – all classrooms are fitted with high-end video-conferencing equipment to enable remote attendance in that instance. If, at any stage during your course, you feel you would prefer to attend remotely because of concerns about Covid, you can also do so.

Have further questions?

Get in touch – we’re on email at or on 0207 927 3827.

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