Applying for Writing a Novel?

Six things to think about when putting together your application for our flagship course

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If you’re applying for Writing A Novel, you need to put together 1,000 words of prose fiction and a cover letter. But it’s not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Here are some tips on what you should be thinking about.


The tutors are looking for a certain amount of confidence in the voice – that can be in any genre, but it’s the proficiency that they’re looking for.


If you’re already writing the novel you’d like to develop during the course, that’s great, but don’t worry if not – send us 1,000 words of prose fiction that represent you best as a writer.

What kind of writer are you?

Your cover letter should detail your relationship with writing – do you write often? Next to never? Have you done courses in the past?

What kind of writer do you want to be?

You should also tell us what you hope to get out of the course – do you want to complete a draft? Meet fellow novelists? Overcome writing hurdles that have held you back in the past?

Anything else?

Include anything else that you think might be of interest, in order to give the tutors a sense of how you will fit into their group.

And finally... What's it for?

The application process is just about finding the right group for you – group dynamic is such an important part of the course that we have to make sure that everyone fits together properly. It’s not about streaming, or picking the ‘best fifteen pieces’. What would that even mean anyway?

Writing a Novel is Faber Academy’s flagship course, with over 150 of our alumni going on to secure publication deals. With a London and online version available, the course offers a practical alternative to a creative writing MA and has helped authors such as S J Watson, Rachel Joyce, Gail Honeyman, Alice Feeney and Joanna Cannon launch their careers.
Not sure if it’s right for you? Get in touch – we’re on 0207 927 3827 or


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